PHBA World Champion

PHBA Amateur Res World Champion

PHBA Champion

PHBA Performance Champion

PHBA Supreme Champion

PHBA Amateur Champion

19 Register of Merit Awards

6 Superior Awards

82 Honor Roll National Titles

All-Around Horse of Nation

4 Time All-Around Stallion of Nation

#1 PHBA All-time Point Earner

Earner of Open Points

Earner of Amateur Points

5 Time Top Point Sire

Top Sire Youth Point Earners

Res Top Sire of Amateur Point Earners

#2 All-time Open Point Sire

Produce earned Open points

Produce earned Youth Points

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Owned by:

Ed & Tootsie North
Northfork Equine
419 Utica St
Terry, MS  39170









Sire of World Champions

Sire of 2 All-Around Horses of Nation

Sire of 4 All-Around Mares of Nation

Sire of 3 All-around Geldings of Nation

Sire of Supreme Champions (4)

Sire of Youth Supreme Champion

Sire of Amateur Supreme Champion

Sire of Open, Youth & Amateur Champions

Sire of Halter, Color, & Performance ROM

Sire of Halter, Color, & Performance Superior

Sire of Honor Roll Top Ten Winners

Sire of Top Mare of All-Time

Sire of Multiple Futurity Winners

Points earned:
14,669 open points
7,822 youth points
5,097 amateur points